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welcome to the cashflow diary daily…

Yesterday, I wrote you about the monster trend that we're seeing right now: creating your own cache of personal private investors (PPIs) is taking over the internet (think it’s time to talk about YOU raising capital).

I also covered the 5 keys to success with PPIs right now.

If you missed that email, you can read it here.

in this issue...


I wanted to tell you about something special that we're doing on Saturday that is going to give the tools, scripts, and map to growing your businesses using this creating your own cache of personal private investors craze.

Whether you run an Airbnb business and want to grow it faster, want to help your PPIs grow their returns faster, or you just want to see your current passion project explode... this is going to be big.

tomorrow at 05:01 AM PST,

I'm going to open up 35 seats for a special program that we're doing called "Viral Video Scripts." Inside this workshop, I'm going to hand over the blueprint, scripts, and materials needed for you to take your business and grow it fast by using personal private investors.

why is this training special?

I'm going to show you how to create private investors... and show you how to build an investor list (that actually invests). This is important because knowing investors don't pay the bills. I'll show you how to get those investors and how to turn them into real customers aka investment dollars.

35 spots... live tomorrow at 05:01 AM pacific.

Set your alarms and make sure you grab a seat for my "Private Personal Investors" workshop.

See you tomorrow morning :)

“Dr.” J. "Investing in the good way" Massey

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