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how chick-fil-a breakfast led me to investment succesl

welcome to the cashflow diary daily…

I'm getting ready to head out to breakfast, likely at Chick-fil-A. I'm pretty pumped about it because I haven’t been in well more than 30 days (I'm going with the chicken nuggets option... and yes, I am ok despite the hiatus from their

Before I head out,

I wanted to share something with you that can make you some extra cash this month.

It's all about creating your own cache of personal private investors.

(it’s time to talk about YOU raising capital)

in this issue...


why should you care about this skill?

Simply put, it's one of the most necessary ways to get more units (if you do videos for your own business), and it's one of the more lucrative high-value services that you can offer (This is one of the main ways I built my original real estate portfolio and is today the main advantage I posses - never worried about a lenders requirements).


what is the secret to your own personal private investors (PPI) these days?

the 5 keys to success with PPIs right now are simple:

1. trend awareness.

You need to understand 5 huge trends that are dominating the minds of the public right now (and how you can use those to get your business in front of an entirely new audience).

2. solid PPI planning.

One PPI is good... but once they like it, you’re going to need to obtain at least 3 more PPIs to fall in love and want to contribute something. With that said, you need to make sure that you're system for locating PPIs has at least 5 ways to start.

3. bulk creation.

No one wants the pressure of having to create a PPI for every deal. Even when you only need one investor (think $25k, $70k, etc), it can be a giant hassle when life gets in the way. The secret is to create a chunk of PPIs (think 20 PPIs) in the span of 6 weeks (yep... super doable if you know the secret).

4. a solid set of "fill in the blank scripts."

Simply put... your PPIs should be "paint by number" mixed in with a little "fill in the blank." You don't have to overthink this; you have to follow a path that has already been proven. My PPI development process is bang-bang-done.

5. understanding position and performance.

Once you create the right kind of PPI, you need to make sure that people will "accidentally run into it." That comes from understanding how to strategically position your performance and focus as an incentive to your PPI as part of their return.


I want to tell you about something special that my team and I have been working on in the last little while that can help you grow your portfolio of units (as well as help your PPIs get closer to retirement faster, and maybe even you out of your current 9 to 5).

If you'd like me to send you all the details, hit reply and say "PPI, Please."

If I get a message from you, I'll make sure to send you details on what we've got coming and how you can tap into a ton of targeted PPIs (that actually invest).

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J. Massey

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