what’s a usp (unique selling proposition)?

plus: gain $250k in biz credit

welcome to the cashflow diary daily. So, today let’s cover how to use the

information from the past two days. Knowing that investors and lenders exist

is only descriptive knowledge. Let’s now apply it.

in this issue…

  • how to use information from past days

  • presentation: learn how you can get business credit

  • measuring financial progress in real estate (podcast)

  • unique selling propositions explained

  • how you can stand out in competitive markets (podcast)

  • premium members: download: how to create your USP

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    • Topics Often Covered

      • Gaining higher quality reservations.

      • Building networks of referrals faster.

      • Increasing the rate of higher review scores.

      • Increasing the frequency of return visits.

      • How to leverage others’ capital.

      • Researching the best locations for your short-term rental.

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how to measure your financial progress in the short-term real estate industry

On this episode of Cashflow Diary, host, J. Massey, discusses why and how

you must measure your financial progress when working in the short-term real

estate industry.

Unfortunately, it is effortless to lose focus on the day-to-day running of your

business. During a Q&A session with coaching clients, I share strategies and

tools to best keep track of your financial progress and how to maximize your


Also in this episode:

  • The difference between revenue and income

  • How much of your income comes from assets

  • How I select hotel properties

  • Examples of revenue that come from your labor

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free on-demand presentation:
The Key to "Unsecured" Business Credit:
How to leverage unsecured business credit; doesn’t effect personal credit! Join the free business funding training.

the short-term rental industry, income, taxes, and you

Short term rental industry creates a lot of taxable income, so keeping track of

and reporting your income to the I.R.S is crucial. During our recent coaching

session, I shared some strategies and techniques to ensure all your income is

being reported and protecting your short-term real estate business.

Also in this episode:

  • How to get your effective tax rate down to zero

  • Strategy to get as many short-term rentals

  • How to use saving money as a measurement of success

what’s a usp (unique selling proposition)?

A USP helps to define your brand. It tells people

what you are bringing to the table and state a promise

that you'll deliver throughout your products and service


In other words, it helps you stand out!

A USP goes beyond just a simple catchphrase or logo. It

involves every aspect of your brand, starting with how your

company is different from others on the market.

And your USP should be part of every marketing component

as well as including your OTA listings, advertising campaigns, and social

media growth.

Your USP must be highlighted in your advertisements and listings.

If it’s not in the (keyword-rich) headline, it should be in the very

the first line of your ad.

And remember always to keep things focused on the customer, not

yourself. Show them the benefits of your product or service and how it

will benefit them.

Some great USP examples in advertising would be in the coaching

field. Instead of advertising your class, course, or platform,

focus on going the extra mile. Perhaps your USP could include personal

assistance or being available at extended times.

If you're stuck, try searching Google to look up your competitors:

Enter your top five keywords (based on impressions) and see who your

real competitors are. Then, try to determine what their USP is.

This will help you keep a pulse on your market and

make it easier for you to come up with a USP of your own based on what

the market wants and what may be missing.

For example, if you’re selling top-line leather bags like Saddlebag

Leather, your competitors online may be knock-off brands rather than

other high-end leather companies.

Now see what those competitors are offering and how you can beat

those offers.

free on-demand presentation:
The Key to "Unsecured" Business Credit:
How to leverage unsecured business credit; doesn’t effect personal credit! Join the free business funding training.

what can you do differently? how can you stand out?

It shouldn't always be based on price (unless you have developed

a new process that inherently saves money) because the

competitor can also lower theirs. So, look for other ways

to stand out. That’s a race to the bottom.

Now that you’ve gotten to know who your competitors are and what

their USP is you’ll want to create listings that highlight to customers the

benefits of your business over that of the competition.

Remember to keep the text short and simple, with a tagline or

catchy phrase that will stick in the customer’s mind.

Think Coca-Cola (“It’s the real thing”) or Nike (“Just do it”).

This will be your slogan or tagline.

Though tempting, resist the urge to start your listing by

touting your products or services. The way to make a sale is to

show the benefits of buying – what’s in it for the customer?

Always lead with that! If you clarify how your customer

will benefit, they’ll want to read further and explore the details

of your service or product.

You’ll also want to write a killer Call to Action (CTA) for your ad.

We’ll discuss this in a later email. The goal, however, is to

get that customer to “sign on the dotted line” and close that sale.

You want them to click the button and make the right decision.

more to come…

that’s it, for the moment…

J. Massey

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