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the 7 biggest mistakes that cost me millions

timestamped overview

[00:02:11] Introduction to a new experience with questions about audience familiarity with Chat GPT and why they haven't used it yet.

[00:14:31] A woman asked Chat GPT to teach her how to use a tool because she had limited time with her financial professional and needed to ask only important questions.

[00:18:10] Introducing Glass, a Chrome plugin that uses Chat GPT to summarize 15-minute videos into 30 seconds in written form and allows users to forward to specific parts of the video. Increases productivity for learning.

[00:25:44] Advancements in technology have made certain services less valuable while making it easier for more people to release their own forms of creativity. The technology used now allows for higher-quality production and capabilities.

[00:38:19] Jasper AI is a commonly used chat GPT, with other companies using it as a base with friendlier interfaces. is a new marketplace for prompt creation and sales.

[00:47:25] A process saves time determining ideal housing for traveling medical professionals by asking for their preferences.

[01:00:03] Becoming an affiliate for recommended products, creating an AI-generated guidebook with a title and outline, and filling it with recommended products.

[01:07:44] Use the prompt to create custom recommendations for customers to enhance their experience and make them feel special. Scable and fast but doesn't necessarily lead to more revenue. Consider demographics and interests.

[01:10:12] SOPs create a scalable process for customer experience teams to provide a virtual concierge service that fosters more communication with guests and provides relevant information in seven minutes or less for a low price.

the 7 biggest mistakes that cost me millions

q & a.

1. What is Chat GPT?

Answer: Chat GPT is a conversational AI technology that can create customizable responses for different prompts.

2. Who are the leading companies using Chat GPT as their base?

Answer: Jasper AI is one of the leading companies using Chat GPT as their base.

3. What is

Answer: is a new marketplace where people can create and sell prompts for Chat GPT for $0.99 to help users craft their commands and get the desired output.

4. How does Airbnb's partnership with real estate holding companies impact tenants?

Answer: Tenants can now choose to list their units on Airbnb while having the same amenities, price, and other factors.

5. Can tenants put their property on Airbnb even if their landlord does not allow it?

Answer: Some landlords allow tenants to put their property on Airbnb when not present, while others do not. A tenant may choose a landlord with the option to put their property on Airbnb even if they do not take advantage of it.

6. Can corporations offer temporary housing to their employees as compensation?

Answer: Yes, corporations can start offering employees temporary housing as compensation to attract top talent.

7. What is Glass, and how does it use Chat GPT functionalities?

Answer: Glass is a Chrome plugin that uses Chat GPT functionalities. It can summarize 15-minute videos from sites like YouTube into 30-second written summaries and allows users to forward the video to a specific part if they want more information.

8. How can Chat GPT be used in businesses?

Answer: Chat GPT can be used to find potential locations for short-term rentals and gather data on the characteristics of the surrounding neighborhood. AI can also gather demographic, psychographic, and firmographic data on potential short-term rental users based on their addresses.

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