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  • new customer persona: blended travelers

  • airlines cater to blended travelers


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who are you serving? blended travelers. um, what’s that?

  • The pandemic has permanently changed how people blend work and leisure travel, creating a new customer persona called "blended travelers."

  • The travel industry is now figuring out how to serve this new customer persona better and capitalize on the $497.5 billion blended travel market in 2022.

  • American Airlines reported that blended trips accounted for half of its revenue in September 2022.

  • Small and medium-sized businesses are driving the charge, and lifestyle brands are taking the mix of business and leisure to new levels.

  • The challenge lies in identifying and finding the best opportunities to convert the static business or leisure traveler into a blended one, as the blended traveler spectrum is broad and varied.

  • This year will require a significant overhaul in marketing strategies and loyalty programs as travel brands track down the blended traveler.

the airlines have noticed the “blended traveler”

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